MMP growing Part 1



Well guys and dolls the 2014 MMP outdoor growing season has begun. What? Hold up….what do you mean I say? Because Baby, it’s cold outside! The outdoor season begins indoors  for those who know. That’s right. In fact, the outdoor season began when we made our final seed selection(s) weeks ago. Just need the right time to germinate. So, we go to our local market and pick up a copy of a Farmer’s Almanac. Do we really need one of those to grow? No, but there is some science in that stuff. Moon phases, planting tables and etc. are beneficial tools to use as a shovel vs. using your hands.

Germination: There are a number of methods used by growers. Experience dictates there is no point in trying to re-invent the wheel. Besides, you want highest germination rate possible. Variations of the “paper towel” appear to work best. Sometimes…

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Friends and other thoughts…

Friends and other thoughts….

Nice iPad, smartphone or whateva….what did it costs?

 One morning I had awakened to find a bright yellow poster sized note on the refrigerator. It was a note requesting the use of the “communal” laptop stick in a planned weekend excursion. I thought it was rather cute an attached a small yellow sticky saying, “It’s on my truck @ work. I’ll leave in the car tomorrow”? I continued on with my morning java ritual and went to work. After a few hours into the work day I received a text message on my phone. “I can’t read cursive 😮 I don’t know what your note says”? Yes, I had written my note of approval in cursive hand-writing. Apparently at the cost of all this great technology that we have at our finger tips, we are possibly losing the art of handwriting. I was taken aback to also find out later that cursive writing was and had not been taught at school for years. When did this happen?
It happened as many things in our day-to-day lives have changed. Remember how the art of simply tying your shoe vanished as a child with the invention of Velcro? Some kids were almost in middle school by the time they did know how to tie their shoes. Remember how the digital clock replaced the analog clock? Learning how or how to tell time has changed forever. Think not, tell someone a generation younger than you that “the time is quarter past the hour” and wait for the blank look on their face. Even in math class we were told not to rely on calculators too much. Now days with complex math studies being taught to our youth, they can’t take a test without a calculator. At least for now, computers aren’t allowed in testing.
With each advancement we make in technology (i.e. iPads, Smartphones or whateva) we are impacted on so many levels. We truly get excited about the advancements and put ourselves on the “pre-order list” for the next new and improved advancement. At the same time we should also get excited about the things we lose with these advancements. The quality of life is not just measured in getting the latest….thing, a philosophy  that is alive and well in a consumer market. The quality of life actually is the whole of us all. From monumental advancements in our society in art, music, culture and technology to handwriting a simple note.

Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender | Video on

 Originally,  I hadn’t post a commentary on this wonderful presentation from Johanna Blakley. I had a few minutes (i.e. 8 mins.) before an appointment and was intrigued by this. It pretty much speaks for itself. I would agree that the interpretation of data via social media demographics has changed over the years. Mostly because it (i.e. social media) didn’t have any revenue harvesting potential until recently. This raw data, how it is interpreted, how it is used and how it benefits anyone is to say the least….powerful. And she is right, expectations from marketing executives should be to cater to the market rather than determining what is the market. If, they wish to stay current with what is determine as the “market”. The old concepts of who’s doing the interpretation and harvesting of this data remains to be determined. Myself and some colleagues started arbitrarily posting keywords in our Facebook status.  Sure enough in no short time sponsored, “As You May Like” widgets appeared in the sidebar related to those keywords we selected. Reminds me of the story Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp. Only thing is we get more than three wishes. That could be a good….or bad thing.


 Spring is officially around the corner. Away with the furry boots that hide well pedicured toes. Hello to the opportunity to really show off that new tattoo. Happy for the beautiful people with well oiled bodies by the sea. Car shows, expos and outdoor concerts will have plenty for the senses…. all of them. Share with your family of  friends or your friends who are your family. Grab your sun tan lotion, put on your shades and be “all that” and a bag of chips. Needless to say I’m partial to spring being the best time of the year…. what?

What do you feel passionate about?

 What do you feel passionate about? …..for a couple days I have been watching social media trends for some inspiration. Haven’t posted anything lately. So far, nothing. I even saw one post regarding the “lack” thereof of any inspiration on Tumblr. I believe they used the term “thinspiration”?

This past weekend served as a platform for “A Salute To Veterans” in Riverside, CA. I took a handful of photos that I have posted on Flickr. It was a nice event that had all the fanfare of the classic parade (e.g. floats, marching bands and dance troupes) Take a look. Maybe in a couple days or so I’ll have found something to be passionate about. One Love.

Black History Month

African-American History Month

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know… Why does Black History Month have to be the shortest month of  the year? Right? We hear this question very year. Get over it! The people we’re celebrating did, some of them when it was against the law to read and write if you we an Afro-American or should I say “black”. As with any celebration it is a special time. And this is the time we celebrate Black History Month. When we acknowledge the contributions to our society made by scientist, entertainers, humanitarians and others who happened to be “black”. While doing some research I was surprised to find out that this Black History Month is celebrated in Canada and the UK. I say, “Jolly, good”! *in very fake British accent*  There will be parades, tributes and activities that make it real easy to be a spectator or a participant in something this month. Or you could simply do a search engine query and see what pops up? And that is what should come out of this month. Learning and appreciating more about others and in turn learning more about ourselves through Art, Music, Culture and Technology.

10 years or 100,000 miles?

For a lot of people purchasing a new car is still a big deal. Especially if it’s a “first”. The first car “ever”, the first car “since” or whatever. On the outside we want to know if we’re going to look good in it. On the inside we don’t want to be worried about it not working for us. So we deal with the sales department after we’ve made our decision. The numbers go back and forth, down payment, no down payment until the deal is struck. You have a new car! Under warranty? Yes… 10 years or 100,000 sounds real good. The reality is that’s contingent on us documenting scheduled service (i.e. don’t do-it-yourself), documenting any service or repairs and most importantly of all… the auto dealership backing its’ product. …..without asking for your first born… if possible?
Have you actually taken the time to read your auto’s Owner’s Equipment Manual? Put it on the to do list. Review your OEM often throughout the ownership of your auto. It’s a great practice to get into. We know you want to keep your darling rolling and sparkling “fantastic” for a very long time!

2011 Super Bowl Sunday

Yes, contrary to Gill Scott-Heron the “Revolution Will Not Be Televised” the revolution is being televised from Egypt. As we enjoy the NFL Super Bowl activities today remember why we’re able to. Because of the U.S. men and women who are apart from their family and friends in conflicts around the world. Well, enough seriousness…. for now. Life is too short, enjoy the moment. Go Green Bay!!!!!

The State of the Union 2011

Whisper a sentence into someone’s ear and have them whisper that sentence to the next person. Let that sentence transfer between several people and after awhile you find that sentence is far from its original version. Next week President Barack Obama will give his “State Of The Union Address” for 2011. Get this information first hand, by watching or listening for yourself . It’s THAT important for you. It will be aired live on major networks and streamed online  at the following link On Tuesday, January 25th 9 PM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific times.